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Nuendo 3 - Better Than ProTools - Works With ANY Soundcard

Steinberg Nuendo 3 is designed to serve the needs for everyone producing sound for film, television, video or game. Steinberg Nuendo 3, The new version of Steinberg's renowned media production system offers more features for post production than ever before and also sets new standards in surround production. An extensive set of new features for "traditional" stereo audio production and an overall enhancement of many existing functions make Nuendo one of the most powerful tools for any kind of media production available anywhere..
Nuendo does it ALL! Whether you are trying to record that next hit song or trying to edit the video for that same song...Nuendo is the program for you.
Why learn ProTools and Final Cut Pro, when you can use 1 program that handles all of your audio and video needs. Unlike ProTools, you can use Nuendo with ANY soundcard that works with Windows... while ProTools is limited to only Digidesign soundcards.

Nuendo is Fully-Compatible with ProTools ! If you record a studio session at a ProTools Studio, you can save ALL that information in a OMF file - then go home and open it up in Nuendo- and it will be an exact duplicate of the ProTools Sessions. Or start a session in Nuendo, then finish it in ProTools. Nuendo 3 is a great gift for a musician you may know who needs a professional sound at a low-cost.

What about Plugins? ProTools is admired for its plugins. Did you know that Steinberg invented plugins and VST (Virtual Studio Technology). Steinberg is the creator of this. And Nuendo has ALL the plugins of ProTools and More!

If Nuendo is better, why do most studios run ProTools? Well, in the mid 90's as most majors studios went from analog to digital - ProTools appealed to alot of the engineers of the time because of its streamlined look. It was more pleasing to the eyes than the others. That started a chain of dominoes where everyone was getting on the ProTools band wagon. So it became a standard. Then, ProTools got greedy. They started to make ProTools where it could not work with other soundcards- so they could get ALL the money. So now they have a monopoly...but they don't have the best software on the market. But we all know that just because something is more popular, doesn't make it better. Do your research about history. Go to and search for the following:
1. Steinberg
2. Cubase
3. ProTools

We are selling our Full Version of Steinberg Nuendo 3 for only $50. It will be sent to you by Download. If you can find ANY store online that is selling Nuendo 3.2 for less than $500- we'll send it to you for FREE. Nuendo is NOT easy to get nor cheap, that's why people don't know much about it. Nuendo is very easy to learn though if you have time to work with it, but we do recommend buying the Nuendo Power book- ISBN-10: 1592003907, so you can quickly unlock all the powerful features in the program. To order Nuendo 3 for only $50 click below: